Cannero Riviera is a picturesque and charming village on the Piedmont banks of the Lake Maggiore. Situated in a privileged position, due to its sunny location and the natural bay, protected from the cold winds, it has a temperate climate in the summer and a mild one in the winter, which allows the growth of a Mediterranean vegetation rich of orange- and lemon-trees, palm-trees, olive-trees and Camellias, whose early flowers in the springtime transform the landscape into a magical botanical garden.

Cannero Riviera looks upon the clear and clean waters of the Lago Maggiore which are an example of how sustainable tourism development can preserve the purity of the surroundings.
Since 2005 Cannero Riviera has gained the Blue Flag of the FEE (Foundation for Environmental Education) as well as the Orange Flag given by the Touring Club Italy as a quality trade-mark for environmental friendly tourism.